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I’m thinking about setting up a Bazaar group blog, separate from As of Friday the 27th, a site is up, in the sense that you can read it, but not yet announced (beyond this article). It’s still a bit of an experiment.

Within one person’s personal syndicated chronological publishing (ie “blogging”, broadly), there are different strains. The tension towards those different strains may be one reason why people have tended to go quiet, or to feel a sudden agoraphobia at how widely their person thoughts are read or personal photos reproduced.

It’s more subtle than a binary private/public switch, and a simple password or even openid is not enough. It’s more than technical.

At the moment there’s a proliferation of different web-based tools in use: twitter,, facebook, flickr, personally-run blogs, dopplr, planets. It’s not just that they’re just technically imperfect that’s causing the fragmentation (though repeatedly getting semi-spammed invites is tedious), but also that they provide genuinely different forums. There are some things that are not secret but personal and more appropriately shared with people you know; some that are personal opinions but that you’re happy to share with anyone; some that are about projects like Bazaar that are personal but that are also bigger than just me.

A project team blog seems too to becoming one of the channels that people expect to have.

People tend to raise the question of whether this will just dilute the same amount of writing across multiple channels. It might, and there does seem to be a critical level of activity for a blog beyond which it’s not alive. On the other hand, now that there’s more syndication that level may be lower: infrequent posts will still pop up. But I also suspect that creating a place where a particular type of content feels really at home will create positive feedback.

For instance, Gary van der Merwe just made a nice improvement to the revision selector control in qbzr, using the layout originally invented by Scott for bzr-gtk. I like this, and I’d like to express that approbation in public but I don’t want my sourcefrog blog mostly occupied by neat bzr features because I have other things to say.


Written by Martin Pool

February 27, 2009 at 2:41 am

Posted in blogging, bzr

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