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I’ve been hacking recently on Tribunal and I’m very excited about what can be done here.

Tribunal, started ages ago by jml, was a graphical viewer for Python or Twisted test runs: you give it a class name, it runs the tests in it, and tells you which ones failed.

Some new and exciting things have been happening recently in pyunit-friends: a cluster of cooperating libraries and tools to improve testing in Python. In particular, subunit, is a generic protocol for serializing/externalizing test results (similar to and convertable to/from junitxml).

A test result serialization protocol enables several interesting things (transparent remote distributed test runs) and one of them is a GUI for test results that is able to

  • be well isolated from the process under test
  • save, load, and compare historic test runs — never worry again about unreproducible test failures
  • run and inspect tests in any language or on any platform, or tests run on one or several remote machine
  • click to edit or re-run a test
  • find interesting or similar failures

Anyhow, that’s the idea, but it’s early days. As of the now, the trunk branch can read subunit output from a pipe or a file and filter the results.

I’m planning to rip out much of the existing code, keeping the concepts, and keeping the ability to run python or twisted tests as a a mode.

Tribunal screenshot


Written by Martin Pool

February 12, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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